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The Inspire project

The Inspire project, coordinated by EUN, will involve:

with the support of an increasing number of individuals and companies.

The Inspire website

The Inspire website is made up of 6 independent MediaWiki installations, based on the different languages which will be used during the project. They all have their own independent set-ups, user accounts, etc.

URL Language en ca de es it lt

About MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a free software wiki package originally written for Wikipedia, which is now used by several other projects.

Pages in MediaWiki use MediaWiki's wikitext format, which is easy to use even without any knowledge of XHTML or CSS. To make MediaWiki more interactive, it is possible to create a discussion of each page. For Inspire, national coordinators can use this for their comments, questions and feedback (e.g. of the learning objects and forms). Teachers and students are also invited to use the MediaWiki discussion pages in their corresponding language.

Type of users and permissions

There are four different types of users in the Inspire MediaWiki.

Users Permissions
Anonymous users Read pages
Users with accounts Create pages, edit pages
Sysops (Administrators) Delete pages, protect pages and edit them, create new accounts
Bureaucrats Create accounts (sysops)

Teachers and students who wish to comment on the Inspire websites, will need to have an account with the corresponding Inspire MediaWiki.