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Upcoming meetings and events

Calendar of Inspire events

Past meetings and events

The Inspire project has held several meetings/events:

  1. Kick off meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 21 March 2008 --> Partner meeting
  2. Teachers training sessions, Brussels, Belgium, 27-28 August 2008 --> National Coordinators meeting
  3. 2nd Partner meeting, Apolda, Germany, 29-30 September 2008
  4. German teachers training session, Apolda, 06 October 2008
  5. Austrian teachers training session, Vienna, 16 and 17 October 2008 --> for Austrian teachers wishing to participate in the Inspire project (more info)
  6. Partner meeting, Austria, 30-31 March 2009
  7. Presentation of Inspire at the Conference on “Sustainable development: a challenge for European research”, Brussels, Belgium: Learning about the science of sustainability
  8. Inspire Summer school, Salzburg, Austria, 18-20 August 2009
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