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Subcategory LO number Title
Kinematics P1-5-1 Distance-displacement
Kinematics P2-5-2 Motion with constant acceleration
Sound P3-5-3 Changing sounds
Dynamics P4-5-4 Conservation of Energy
Electricity P1-13-5 Ohm’s law
Optics P2-13-6 Reflection-refraction
Mechanics P3-13-7 Galilean relativity
Nuclear Physics P4-13-8 Radioactive decay
Oscillations P1-17-9 Beats
Dynamics P2-17-10 Forces on pendulum
Relativity P3-17-11 Time dilation
Optics P4-17-12 Young's Double Slit Experiment


Subcategory LO number Title
Molecules C1-5-13 Molecular weight calculator
Physical chemistry C2-5-14 Additive colors: RGB
General Chemistry C3-5-15 Periodic table tetris
Physical chemistry C4-5-16 Characteristics of materials
General Chemistry C1-13-17 Advanced periodic table
Gas laws C2-13-18 Processes in an ideal gas
Reactions C3-13-19 Stoichiometry
Chemical equilibrium C4-13-20 Le Chatelier’s principle
Structure of crystals C1-17-21 Table salt
Inorganic chemistry C2-17-22 Why things have color
Gases C3-17-23 Gas simulator
Spectroscopy C4-17-24 Molecular vibrations


Subcategory LO number Title
Environment issues B1-5-25 Fishing
Animals B2-5-26 Habitats
Animals B3-5-27 Virtual frog builder
Anatomy B4-5-28 Skeletons
Population dynamics B1-13-29 Predator prey
Cells B2-13-30 Mitosis Animation
Cells B3-13-31 Diffusion across a plasma membrane
Immunology B4-13-32 The life cycle of a malaria parasite
Zoology B1-17-33 Animal diversity
Genetics B2-17-34 Pea experiment
Biochemistry B3-17-35 Photosynthesis
Immunology B4-17-36 Retrovirus


Subcategory LO number Title
Geometry M1-5-37 Sum angles triangle
Numbers M2-5-38 Maya numbers
Geometry M3-5-39 Elementary geometry
Geometry M4-5-40 Conservation of area
Calculus M1-13-41 Derivative of sinus function
Trigonometry M2-13-42 sin, cos, tan
Statistics M3-13-43 Handling data
Calculus M4-13-44 Plotting functions and continuity
Calculus M1-17-45 Area of circle as a limit
Complex numbers M2-17-46 Operations with complex numbers
Probability M3-17-47 Random Birthdays
Geometry M4-17-48 Equation of a plane


Subcategory LO number Title
Applications T1-5-49 Typing course
Modelling T2-5-50 Rubik’s cube
Hardware T3-5-51 Computer block diagram
Offimatics T4-5-52 Display posters
Media technology T1-13-53 How does TV work?
Offimatics T2-13-54 Teachers Templates
Hardware T3-13-55 Computer Parts Hangman
Hardware T4-13-56 Click and learn computer parts
Processes T1-17-57 Quiz maker
Processes T2-17-58 CD/DVD Duplication Process
Offimatics T3-17-59 Gif maker
Storage media T4-17-60 Memory remanence