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Inspire (Innovative Science Pedagogy in Research and Education) aims to develop and experiment new teaching methods in the field of maths, science and technology (MST).

The purpose is to challenge the lack of interest among students to start scientific studies and to extend the supply of scientific specialists and to develop a scientific culture in European countries.

We are currently running an INSPIRE community of practice to discuss

the use of learning objects in maths, science and technology subjects.

Teachers are invited to join at

During a period of ten months Inspire:

  • Observed the impact of new teaching methods on pupils and on their motivation.
  • Analysed the pre-requisites to be defined for enabling teachers to integrate these new techniques in their pedagogy.
  • Identified the critical success factors to be mastered at the level of the teacher and the school for the generalization of such practices.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit the About section.

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