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Palmira Ronchi (Inspire Italian coordinator short biography)
I teach maths in a high school in Bari (IISS Vivante-Pitagora, Italy) and I also worked part-time on pre-service teacher training courses at SSIS Puglia - University of Bari (Italy).

My background and interests are in the fields of mathematics, didactics and the use of new technologies for education, including distance education in PuntoEdu [1] and Moodle platforms [2] [3]. I have worked and still work as a tutor on several training and online courses organised by the Italian Ministry of Education and as author of learning objects and case studies at ANSAS [4](ex INDIRE, the national Institute of Documentation for Innovation and Educational Research of Florence).

In the past I took part in a OCSE “ Case studies of ICT and school improvement in Italy” [5] and in an European schoolnet project [6] as coordinator of the Mathematics Department of Virtual school.

Recently I took part as Italian member staff in PENCIL [7] project Workpackage 25 [8] and in Xplora [9], I collaborate with European schoolnet as a member of the Etwinning teacher team.[10] and as ETwinning Italian ambassador.

Since June 2008 I have been the Inspire national coordinator, you can read more details at the Italian Inspire website
My students and I have taken part in various Comenius European projects to create didactic materials in a collaborative way using ICT and we won the Etwinnig Award 2006 and European Quality label 2007 [11]and we took part in Lanzarote - Canarie Islands Etwinning Camp study in the April 2006 [12]

Personal website [13]

--Palmira october 2010(UTC)