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Typing lessons.

You may:

  • Check in Which fingers go here to see which finger should hit each key
  • Go to 1.Home Row, Left Hand and start the lesson

(Go to the bottom of the page and click on Click here to start)

  • Continue with the rest of the lessons


You may use it to:

  • Learn typing with all fingers of both hands
  • Do little competitions with your younger students
  • Discuss keyboard layouts: origin and differences with those from other countries

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Terms you need to know:

Which fingers go here
Click here to start
Typing Lessons
1. Home Row, Left Hand
2. Home Row, Right Hand
3. Home Row, Extended Index Fingers
4. The Shift Keys
5. Quotes and Apostrophe
6. Top Row: QWERT
7. Top Row: YUIOP
8. Bottom Row: NM,./?
9. Bottom Row: ZXCVB
10. Letters Consolidation
11. The Brackets
Numbers Row
Math Keys

Additional information:

type: series of interactive animations
format: flash
Permission to(1):
download: no
modify: no
Further permissions:
Age group(2): 5-12


(1) For personal, non-commercial use. To read the complete "Terms of use" of this learning object, please follow the link given in "Further permissions".

(2) Suggested age group. The learning object may be used by the Teachers with students of any age.